Pieter van Nuenen & Alice Meireles, founding-directors of The Portugal Company

About Us – Our Story

 We have met in Lisbon in 2000. A Dutchman living and working in Portugal, and a Portuguesa – born and raised in France. 

 Later, we moved to the Netherlands, to pursue international careers. However, always coming ‘back home’ to Portugal to visit family and friends, and to enjoy its amazing culture, nature and food. We are happy we can say, we’ve been travelling to almost all corners of this amazing country. 

 Next to our corporate jobs, we started to invest in Portugal. In 2005, we bought our first hidden gem, a small apartment tucked away just behind Lisbon’s Castelo. Waking up in this authentic bairro, by the sound of local peacocks guarding the castle. Here we spent lots of time, with friends and family, or just the two of us, among the friendly locals. 

 In 2006 we married in Lisbon and started to further realise our dreams. Always looking for new opportunities and adventures, in 2014 – both still working at corporate firms – we decided to acquire a quinta in the middle of the lush green hills in the centre of Portugal. When signing the final contract, with a smile, we said to each-other that this quinta could be a game changer. Not realising back then how much it would mark our experiences, and how it truly did influence our lives.

 2017 marks a dark chapter in our Portuguese story. Our village Pedrogao Grande was the epic centre of the most dramatic wild fires Portugal ever experienced. Together with our friends we had to flew our valley to safeguard ourselves from the smoke and flames. Not knowing what would happen to our home. The early morning after, on Pieter’s birthday, we gathered the courage and went back into the valley. In the midst of the smoke, our typical white house still, proudly stood out.  With the support of the local people of our village, we rebuild our quinta, and planted over 2000 autochthonous trees. We are now proud to say our valley is greener, healthier and more authentic. 

 For our knowledge and experience of Portugal, friends and family have always been reaching out to us asking support and advice regarding buying property and moving to Portugal. While the perspective of our jobs changed due to reorganisations and personal matters, we decided to turn our expertise into a professional setting. Following our hearts, and matching it with our passion for beautiful houses and places, we decided to start Enjoy-Portugal.com which we later turned into the new brand: The Portugal Company.

To help you to find your dream house and to realise your Portuguese dream!

 Alice & Pieter, founding directors The Portugal Company

“Following our hearts, and matching it with our passion for beautiful houses and places, we decided to start The Portugal Company


About The Portugal Company

We are a company with 20+ years of experience in the Portuguese real estate and tourism market.  Since 2005 we are investing in Portugal ourselves and we are running several successful projects. We are very open and always happy to share our views and our expert knowledge with our clients and partners!