Our Most Complete Service: to guide and assist you through the entire buying process of property in Portugal: from the early selection of properties, scheduling the viewings, due diligence on the documentation, the negotiations on your behalf, to the final deed of sale and setting you up in Portugal. Click here for the overview of the full package and the fees.

We offer dedicated packages and services to get you started. See below our overview and fees. You can book one or more of the services or packages. If in a later stage you decide to opt for the full service support, most of these services are deductible.

Starters Packages & Additional Services

NIF / Fiscal Number

Apply for your Portuguese Fiscal Number (NIF). Online process via our lawyer.

Price: €150,= incl. VAT, pp

Portuguese Bank Accounts

Open your Portuguese Bank Account. Online process via our lawyer in most cases (depending on specifics).

Price: €150,= incl. VAT, pp


Street in Lisbon

Introduction Consult

60 min. video meeting with our team.

Pre-select topics for dedicated advice.


Portugal and its various regions
-Buyers advice
-Rental advice
What does the purchase process look like in Portugal
Buyer’s Support
Financials & Fiscal


Price: €99,= incl. VAT


Starters Package

A Custom Made plan, based upon our analysis of your ideas & dreams

– This personalized plan is your guide to planning and purchasing property in Portugal

– Proposal with suggestions of properties

– Analysis of each property (legally build, current state,  ownership, neighborhood, etc.)

– Also, we can make this analysis for properties that you found yourself

Price: €595,= incl. VAT, fully deductible in case of full service buyer’s support

Full Day Property Viewings

A Full Day of Viewings of pre-selected houses

– Max. 3 viewings a day in same region

Price: €345,= incl. VAT, excl. travel expenses

This fee is fully deductible in case of full service buyer’s support