our team works closely with you on the selection of properties that result into a short list of selected properties, we do all the desk research, organise and prepare all the viewings, check and analyse all necesary documentation, we negotiate on your behalf, and we guide you through the entire buying process: from making an offer, signing the promissory agreement, plus all services and support until final deed of sale. 

Our fees:

purchase price house up to €250K: standard fee of €2.500,=

purchase price house >€250K: 1,0% of purchase price


a Negotiation fee (The Portugal Company negotiates on your behalf with Selling party): 10% of saving (asking minus purchase price)

additional services:

– Technical support: upon request and depending on specs per case

– Legal Support: depending on specifics per case: via ‘solicitador’, or via ‘advogado’

– Support Financing via Portuguese bank

– setting you up in portugal after the signing of the final deed / after purchase: water, gas, electricity, internet, healthcare, insurances, etc.


Initial Payment and Letter of Intent

at the start of a buyer’s support projects, we agree with the client on signing a Letter of Intent and a non-refundable starting fee (initial payment of min. €1.500,= depending on the timing and/or scale of the project), which is deductible at the end of the finalized project.

Please note: all prices Fees are excl. 23% VAT unless mentioned differently