‘Everything went perfectly well and we are now enjoying the most beautiful place for us here in Portugal’


‘We wanted to move from the Netherlands to Portugal, and were looking to acquire the right property for permanent living and to enjoy the culture and climate. Finding a house on the internet is not that difficult. But then the real work starts.

What is the exact location and which broker do I select for a viewing? Houses are often offered by several brokers on a non-exclusive base. We hadn’t started the real buying process yet, frightened by the articles and books we read as a preparation. In the meantime, we already visited about 15 houses, but the process did not really progress. Then we heard about Enjoy-Portugal and decided to contact them.

Pieter and Alice have a clear working method. In a personal meeting they analyzed our wishes – and yes, we did have quite a set of requirements and wishes. Together we searched for suitable properties and eventually we found the house where we want to live.

As we thought, the process was not flawless. However, thanks to the efforts of Alice (her trust and pit-bull behavior) and Pieter’s peace and vision, everything went perfectly well and we are now enjoying the most beautiful place for us here in Portugal.

After purchasing our new house, The Portugal Company also helped us with all kinds of matters at the municipality, tax office, bank and the like. So, unfortunately for the “I leave” fans (note: “Ik vertrek” or “I leave” in English, is a Dutch TV series following people moving abroad and showing their experiences that are turning into nightmares), there were no obstacles when purchasing.’


Johan and Dianne

The Netherlands >>> Lourinhã, Silver Coast