We’re always hunting for houses… dreaming of nice spaces in new cities and authentic houses in remote locations. Hunting for them online and while travelling around the globe. Today we took up the idea to visit a project that we’ve spotted online. In the middle of rural Portugal, a location that’s attracting us already for a long time as it combines the best of Portugal: truly amazing nature, perfect climate and great people and food. There we go…

We’re meeting with the real estate agent in front of the ‘Bombeiros’ (fire guards) in the small town of Pedrogao Grande. Following him through the narrow streets of the small village of Pedrogão Grande, diving into a valley just one minute outside the village. Winding down a curved road, halting in front of the main entrance of Quinta do Ribeiro Joaninho.

Although the garden and terrain ins’t taken care of for a long time, we immediately can see that is not just another place… Tall trees are covering a well designed garden with a lawn that leads to the main building of the Quinta. Lots of huge trees, palms, hortensias and wild roses are welcoming us.

The Quinta consists of several levels, and the main building hosts for en-suite rooms with private bath rooms and a huge kitchen. Adjecent is the ‘oven-house’: a spacious living room with an authentic ‘forno comunitario’, or community oven where in the old days the villagers were cooking and baking bread. The upper level of the split level room, hosts an enormous fire place with sitting area and a dining area. From here you enter a terrace overlooking the valley.

We’re simply stunned by the views over the valley. As far as your eyes can reach you see trees.